It is with a heavy heart that the Bent Eights HRC (Inc) advise of the passing of one of our core members, John Lakeman, in March 2019.

John’s life was tragically cut short by asbestosis complications that have plagued his health immensely for the past six years. However, this never stopped him from enjoying hot rodding until the very end.

 John’s legacy to this world is his beautiful wife Rosemary (a fellow hot rodder whom many will know) and his large family. He was a proud family man with six children, ten grandchildren and two great grandchildren. He was also highly involved and committed to the hot rodding world and its fraternity.

 John was a member of the Bent Eights Hot Rod Club for over 20 years.  He was an office bearer and the President of the club many times and was awarded lifelong membership.

 John was well known as a passionate hot rodder who, at every given opportunity, promoted our club and hot rodding in general.

 Over the years, the Lakeman’s have owned several hot rods. They started the “Ripper Hot Rod Hire” business and ran it very successfully for seven years. John’s current hot rod is a 1932 Ford Woody. It was his daily driver and was often seen cruising around Ballina and the NSW North Coast over the past 12 months.

 John and Rosemary attended many rod runs and swap meets including the ASRF Street Rod Nationals, Valla Park Rod Run, Wintersun Festival, Yamba Rod Run, Chromefest and Narrandera. Over the years they have made many acquaintances and lifelong hot rodding friends. It would be hard to find a more dedicated hot rodding couple.

 Johnny, you will be sorely missed and remembered with much fondness and many a smile.

 From all of the Bent Eights Hot Rod club members and associates, we say farewell good servant of hot rodding and  may you “Rest In Peace.”

Committee of the Bent Eights Hot Rod Club (Inc).