Some of the information on the Goulburn 2020 website has been updated in relation to those camping at the Regional Nats, be it in tents, caravans or motorhomes.

“We have needed to change how we are dealing with the sub standard electrical installation at Goulburn Showground. Basically we are asking campers/caravaners to ensure that they bring a viable 10A to 15A adapter system,” confirms Alan Cooper from the Goulburn 2020 committee.

“The most economical legal way to adapt is to use a 10A lead from the box to your caravan, use the “Amp-Fibian” in a weather proof location. From that run a short 15A lead to your RV input socket. A better solution is to look at various weatherproof versions, available from around $85 on Ebay. Amp-Fibian Mini is one example.”

You’ll find this and other entrant information at https://www.asrf.org.au/goulburn2020/entrantinfo/

If you’ve already entered or about to soon, be aware that sites won’t be allocated until early 2020 so that group bookings can be best catered for. Camping bookings won’t be accepted until you’ve got your entrant number, and lowest entrant numbers will be prioritised.

The ASRF Regional Nats at Goulburn, NSW will run from April 9-13, 2020. For more Goulburn 2020 information, visit https://www.asrf.org.au/goulburn2020/