Following the NCC Phone Hook Up, June 2020, the following information is being relayed to ASRF Divisional Councils, affiliated clubs and members.

1. Releasing of Restrictions in Each State on Rod Runs (ALL)

All states have to comply to their jurisdiction’s rulings on social distancing. Therefore, current rulings on rod runs still stand.

2. Report on States That Are Running DC Meetings (ALL)

  • WA, SA and ACT are back to having face to face meetings as they have venues big enough to comply to Social Distancing Rules.
  • TAS still utilises Phone Hook ups.
  • QLD, NSW and VIC will not be having face to face meetings as their venues are too small to meet Social Distancing requirements.
  • VIC will be trialling Zoom Conferencing in July.

David Clift ASRF P.C. Chairman