It has come to our attention that some Front Spindles (stub axles) and also some Perch Bolts to suit ‘28 to ‘48 Ford beam axle front ends being sold ex-USA, have been manufactured from Ductile SG Cast Iron.

Please be aware that whilst the use of Spheroidal Graphite Cast Iron is an accepted practice for beam axles, this material is unacceptable for highly stressed parts that work in shear, such as the above.

Whilst the Superbell brand has been named,­ we have also seen that Speedway also sell these and until March 2019, wrongly showed them on their web pages as ‘Forged Steel’.  Many US-based hot rod parts resellers market outsourced products, so we expect these could be sold through other names and websites as well.

Therefore, the ASRF TAC advises that ALL SG cast iron spindles and perch bolts are unacceptable for Australian Street Rod use. If you have purchased these from any source, we recommend you do not use them, or if fitted, do not drive the vehicle until they are replaced with items known to be of a ductile material such as forged steel or stainless steel.

Please note that Australian made ‘28-‘48 Ford beam axle spindles are not in question and have been confirmed OK.

ASRF TAC May 2019

This and other TAC Advice Sheets can be found at https://www.asrf.org.au/tac-advicesheets/