The South Australian ASRF TAC regularly represent at the annual Extreme Auto Expo in Adelaide and do so in style. Their open display (in line with Covid regs) at the February show featured three cars and lots of inspiration for experienced and novice street rodders alike.

In addition to TAC representatives, senior members of South Australia’s Vehicle Standards & Modifications division were on hand to answer questions of vehicle modifications in general.

“We invite them to be a part of it, to maintain a good relationship with the TAC,” confirmed David Johncock.

Of the three cars, the odd one out was certainly the stock-appearing Model T tourer.

“It’s modified just enough to be a street rod,” continues David. “It’s got a suspension change, brake change, engine change… it’ll be a stock looking hot rod, traditional style.”

David went on to confirm that they’re pleased with the registration systems currently in place, which include the option of full registration or a 90 day log book scheme for hot rods.  

Rolling Model A chassis (main) is an early Rod-Tech frame, outfitted with a dummy engine for show. Model T tourer (above) features old timey upgrades like Model A suspension with juice brakes and a ‘32 Ford four banger. Gennie 1932 Ford roadster ute (below) is a rare beast.