Hello Rodders, I recently received an email from Ron Jessop, who is “Chaplain to the Chaplains” and I thought I’d share some of it, altered a little by me, at this difficult time.

Whilst following directions from health and government authorities and keeping personal hygiene, and without any sense of denial of their value, I offer a few suggestions:

  • Seek to stay calm and keep a look out for others  We are all in this, and hot rodders make a great team.
  • Keep our normal routine as much as possible
  • Remember humour and try to mix with positive people
  • Get some sun and fresh air
  • Do things that give life: hobbies, music, walk  For hot rodders it might mean more “shed time” or doing some work on a project you’ve been putting off.
  • Be patient with others. As far as possible, try to be on good terms with all people.
  • Talk with others (and the telephone still works).  In our conversations, questions (and listening for answers) are really valuable – find out how others – our friends and family particularly, are going.
  • You might feel like doing a bit of thinking on big picture stuff. What are the things really important to you? Or maybe it’s not the time for that for you.
  • As we need to protect ourselves physically, we also need to care for ourselves spiritually. Body, mind and soul. Protect Your Heart.

As Chaplain here in Victoria, for me I have found prayer to be really important to my sense of wellbeing, calm and “facing the storm”. You might imagine I am already praying for the best outcome in this pandemic crisis. I am also happy to pray if you would like me to pray more specifically or personally.

Peter Miles
Ph. 0404 604 995