All newly constructed Street Rods and most imported cars built after 1968 require new Australian complied seat belts to be fitted. 

One of the local suppliers who sell through the regular parts outlets is a brand called APV. 

Recently APV issued a recall for their brand of Seat belts regarding issues with the main retaining bolts. Production dates from 18/7/2018 to 21/12/2018 are affected. 

If you are not sure of the brand of belt or the manufacturing dates, locate the identification label (sewn on the webbing) checkit’s APV Safety Products product, if it’s not an APV Safety Products seatbelt they are OK to use. If your label identifies APV Safety Products as the manufacturer with a date of manufacture from the 1st of June 2018 and up to the 21st Dec 2018 then your seatbelt may have bolts included in this recall. This label can be found on the lower belt anchorage/bolt point below the tongue of the seatbelt.

If you find you have seat belts that fall into this date range please go to the APV recall instructions link here…

Best regards 

Peter Koning