Rocker Cover Racing!

The ASRF is reviving the tradition, so get those old and dusty rocker covers from under benches or in the backs of cupboards racing again. Or maybe build a new high tech racer and have a go for the first time.

The format for the Rocker Cover Racing at this year’s ASRF Nationals in Maryborough is simple – get an old rocker cover, some wheels and a little bit of imagination. Splash some paint about and hey-presto, you are ready to race.

Race Rules and Guidelines

1. This is a fun event!  Anyone found to be taking the event too seriously will be ridiculed and or shunned.

2. Any entrant lodging a protest will be referred to rule #1.

3. Racers will be based on an actual rocker cover from car engine and retain at least 75% of the original rocker cover.

4. There must be no form of propulsion, weight and gravity only.

5. Maximum weight 4kg.

6. Maximum length 600mm.

7. Maximum width 200mm. (track width 210mm )

8. Maximum height 250mm.

9. Ground clearance a minimum of 20mm and maximum 60mm.

10. Free choice in wheel type. Must have 4 wheels maximum diameter 150mm.

11. No side or stabilizing wheels permitted.

12. Downforce wings, spoilers etc. are permitted but must not exceed the above dimensions.

13. No rule 13.

14. The track has 2 lanes, each 210 mm wide, length is 9.5 mt with a starting point 1.8 mt above the ground. Vehicles are released by a mechanically activated trigger.

15. Drivers briefing will be 1 hour before the commencement of racing

The first car across the finish line will be deemed the winner. Any car that leaves its lane for any reason shall be disqualified from that run, in the event that neither car crosses the finish line the one closest to the finish line shall be declared the winner. All racers will have a minimum of 5 qualifying runs. Racers that acquire 3 wins from qualifying will progress to the sudden death shootout. The winner from the shootout will continue until we have an overall winner. The main emphasis is that all racing is done in good spirits and a good time is to be had by all. lot the conclusion of the formal racing, all eliminated contestants will be encouraged to “challenge” any other racer to relive what might have been.

We hope that you enjoy the ASRF Rocker Cover Challenge at this year’s Nationals. Good Luck!

The 24th ASRF Nationals will run from April 19-22, 2019 at Maryborough Showgrounds, QLD. Public days are Saturday, April 20 and Sunday, April 21 only. For further information, visit