In Adelaide, a cohort of Retired Rodders occasionally gathers to explore, experience and socialise in a variety of different environments.

Recently a large number of us visited the Keswick Army Barracks and Army Museum of South Australia on Anzac Highway, Adelaide. It was a memorable day which enabled us to see how our armed forces carried out their service. There were displays of weapons, vehicles, uniforms and collections of memorabilia from servicemen and women whose efforts and heroism, in conflicts, wars and peace keeping operations in which Australia has been involved, have been recognised.

For those of us who had relatives who served, it was a moving experience and for those amongst us with armed forces experience it was a reminder and recollection of the past and their contribution to it.

Despite a poor weather forecast, the rain held off and many current servicemen and women were able to enjoy the sight of hotrods displayed on the parade ground.

Because of our large number, we divided into 2 groups for tours, but united afterwards for an enjoyable lunch and chat in the Officer’s Mess. It was a great opportunity for hotrodders to meet up, share time together and experience an environment deserving of our gratitude.

The outing was well received by all, the weather kind and the museum appreciative of our visit. Furthermore, a big thanks goes to SAHRA (South Australian Hot Rod Assoc.) for their support and sponsorship of this event. It was an enjoyable day for all involved.