This bulletin sets out to explain how ASRF members should transfer registered hot rods in Queensland under the QSRTAC system.

The transfer process is designed to ensure that when roadworthy hot rod vehicles are sold, that suitably qualified inspectors check ASRF class vehicles and that people who are new to hot rodding get the type of vehicle that they intended to purchase.

When purchasing a Queensland registered ASRF class vehicle, you must obtain a current QSRTAC Inspection Certificate from the person disposing of the vehicle. The person selling the vehicle has the responsibility to provide the new Inspection Certificate for the purchaser. The Inspection Certificate provided by the TAC is valid for 60 days. 

Vehicle owners in SEQ can book an inspection through the Operations Manager on the contact details in Street Rodder News and the ASRF website. Regional hot rodders can contact their local QSRTAC inspectors to arrange this kind of inspection.

The key purposes of the inspection prior to the sale of a hot rod are:

• To verify that no modifications have been made to the vehicle since its original registration approval and as laid out on its original Inspection Certificate.

• Where modifications have been made to the vehicle since its original approval, to make sure that those modifications conform to the QSRTAC Construction Guidelines. In some cases the modifications may require a new Modification Plate to cover the original and new modifications.

• If a Modification Plate is not fitted, for older vehicles, a plate will be fitted by the QSRTAC to cover all modifications and bring the vehicle up to date. 

• To ensure that the vehicle is still in a roadworthy state and has not suffered undue wear and tear that would be detrimental to its safe operation.

• To ensure that the new owner gets the full set of paperwork for the vehicle and understands the content, particularly the Deed of Indemnity.

Once passed, the new owner should fill out a Transfer of Registration form through the Dept. of Transport and Main Roads accompanied by the QSRTAC Inspection Certificate.

The remainder of the process is the same as the transfer of any vehicle in the state of Queensland.