NSW have maintained a Hot Rodder’s Memorial Board for almost four decades, in remembrance of ASRF members and friends who have passed on. Sadly, it’s full, so a new Memorial Board has been commissioned, designed and constructed by Alan of Alan Smith Signs and Graphics.

“I did the first one nearly 40 years ago,” informed Alan, now retired. “I changed this one up a bit, made it more modern.”

Mounted directly in the centre of the black and red, lined and pinstriped signboard is a 1932 Ford grille shell, provided by Ian ‘Elvis’ Davis. Once it was trimmed and mounted, Alan busted out the brushes and applied his craft.

“I’m 73 but I still keep handy. I do a lot of trophies and stuff for all the clubs.”

A sincere thanks from the ASRF NSW DC goes out to both Ian and Alan for bringing the new Memorial Board to fruition and their continuing contribution to the sport.