The Australian Street Rod Federation is a non-profit, voluntary organisation which has pledged itself to the promotion and development of street rodding in Australia The ASRF is your liaison with state transport authorities on the development of street rodding in Australia. Its primary objective is to increase the number of street rods and customs in Australia by assisting members to build, register and insure their vehicles. To achieve this, the ASRF is committed to promoting and developing street rodding as a major national hobby.

Individual members join for two years for $110.00 single membership and receive a renewal notice prior to the expiration of their membership. Membership commences once an application and prescribed fee is received and processed and a membership card and merchandise are issued.

As an Individuals, members have the right to be present at State Council meetings and have their opinions heard. However, they do not have the right to vote at those meetings.

Club members join for two years at $88 (Full 2 year fee per single membership). A pro-rata fee applies for affiliated club members to align them with the annual bulk renewal date. –Contact the National Secretary’s office for the correct amount.

This is to encourage members to join a club where they will receive the following benefits :

  1. Assistance and advice on construction from experienced rodders
  2. Fellowship and companionship from people with a common interest

Club members, via the club delegates to State Council meetings, have the right to vote on all matters.

Upon expiry of the club membership, clubs will receive a renewal notice and request for members current membership details.

All members are entitled to receive each issue of the ASRF newsletter ‘Street Rodding News’ and the right to receive assistance from a TAC and the ASRF to obtain registration for their ASRF Class vehicle for use on Australian roads.

Members are also entitled to purchase and wear Federation merchandise to enable them to be easily recognised as a participant in our sport.

Members are recognised by government bodies, particularly after extensive negotiations by members of the ASRF on their behalf in previous years.

Members have access to specialist insurance schemes at discounted prices.

Gold Pass Members – (No Longer Available for purchase)
These members are entitled free membership and to free entry to national events organised by the ASRF. other ASRF sanctioned events. Free entry however, may not be available to other ASRF sanctioned events/State Title Shows

Silver Members – (No Longer Available for purchase)
These members are entitled free membership

Partner Insurance Cover
The partner’s addition is now up and running with quite a few members’ partners already signed up. The format is that the partners name and date of birth is added to the financial member’s database record: in the event of an insurance claim, both the member and the partner will be covered. Applications are available in this newsletter. Please be aware that no other membership benefits apply to the partner. There is no card issued or newsletter sent to partners. It also does not entitle partners to TAC inspections, limited registration or full Club membership.

Click here to view the Add Partner Form

It is also very important to achieve “Family” membership that all children under 15 be signed as Junior Rodders; this is free to all members.

For more information regarding membership please read the ASRF Membership FAQ

Click here to view and submit the Membership Application Form