Terms and Conditions

Please see the below documents which must be read, understood and adhered to for all members, website users and event attendees.

ASRF Constitution

ASRF Code of Conduct

Event Terms and Conditions

Conditions of Entry 

1. Current full or your state registration scheme including third party insurance (these papers may be asked for).

2. All vehicles to be roadworthy and to be of tidy appearance.

3. No open headers, no methanol, no storing of fuel.

4. No open flames within the showgrounds & camping areas unless expressly permitted. No bikes or scooters.

5. No pets unless expressly permitted.

6. All road laws apply within the venue/s. Log books required to be filled in if applicable.

7. Minimal movement of vehicles during public show and shine events.

8. Entered vehicle/s to be ASRF class vehicles only, including Australian up to 1965, this being the year of manufacture.

9. No alcohol is to be brought into the venue if it is a licenced venue.

Gold Pass Holders

A gold pass member is entitled to free entry for themselves and their spouse/partner only.  

General Warning and Liability 

All entrants, their families and guests must conduct themselves in a civil and well behaved manner. Unacceptable behaviour and/or unsafe driving will not be tolerated, offenders and their party will be ejected from the facility and their entry will be cancelled with no refund. Motorsport is dangerous and may result in injury or death to the person or damage to the property. It is an essential condition of entry, that each entrant or spectator acknowledges that prior to entering the facility and any of the driving events, he or she has made themselves aware of the danger as a participant or spectator and/or property owner and has accepted all risks. The entrant, for himself/herself, and as an agent for any accompanying family and guests, release and discharge absolutely the promoter, the event sponsors, contractors, representatives, ASRF committee, ASRF sub committees and agents. All club helpers are covered under the above. 

Advertising Release 

It is a condition of entry that the ASRF has express permission to use images of cars, persons etc, for promotions and advertising.