For ASRF Class Vehicles only, refer to the ASRF Street Rodder Handbook for definitions.

Please read the Terms and Conditions of Entry at the bottom of this page.

Event Sanction Number  ACT#4/9-13/20

Entrant Prices, Conditions and Definitions

Entrant Single – $100.
Definition – ASRF financial member, goodies bag, vehicle can be judged.

Entrant Couple – $120
Definition – ASRF financial member with partner or child, goodies bag, vehicle can be judged.

Entrant Couple/Family with children under 18 – $140.
Definition – ASRF financial member with or without partner, with children under 18, goodies bag, vehicle can be judged.

Entrant Couple with children under 18 – $140 + $30 per extra family member.
Definition – ASRF financial member with or without partner, with children 18 and over, goodies bag, vehicle can be judged.

Buddy – $60.
Paid in addition to all above. If staying on site with camper, an additional $30 (four nights) is also payable.
Definition – ASRF member, or non-ASRF member with entrant, no goodies bag, no ASRF class vehicle on site.

Gold Pass Members
Gold Pass Members do NOT get free entry at Regional Nationals as a condition of Regional Nationals MOU.


Entry after March 8 is a late entry and will cost $25 extra for primary entrant, and/or $10 extra for Buddies. There will be no goodies bag, however T shirts and some other merchandise will be for sale at the event.

If you need to miss the event, then refund of your entry fee and camping fee available until 9th March. After that date refunds cannot be given.

Note, one ASRF class vehicle per entry to be judged. Extra Vehicle driven by partner or eligible child of entrant, not to be judged.

If you want to bring an extra ASRF class vehicle and want it to be judged, in the Show n Shine, then the driver must be a full entrant and complete an entry form with vehicle details. Second car entrant will receive a goodies bag.

Camping Prices, Conditions and Definitions

Our event is booked into the Showground from Thursday 9th April until Monday 13th April. We control camping and fees between these dates.

NOTE. Goulburn Recreational Area, the Showground, does not normally cater to camping for general travelers. The site manager has agreed to work with us in catering for people who wish to arrive early. Staying beyond Monday is not likely as they will be gearing up for another event.

Camping at Showground, on powered sites is limited to approximately 140 sites. Only approximately 60 sites have water hook up. Water is available at taps around the showground and will need to be carried to your site. We are working with the council to try to increase tap stand numbers. There will be a number of unpowered sites available.

Please note that camping capacity is limited and that early booking is essential to ensure you have a place. We will only book camping when you have an entrant number.

We will be allocating sites early in 2020, once we understand better groups that request to stay together. Sites will be allocated to the lowest entrants numbers first.

IMPORTANT NOTICE, added 16/10/19

Goulburn Recreational Area has many, around 55, 10A outlets scattered throughout the various camping areas.

Although we requested that these be replaced with fewer 15A, this upgrade has now been confirmed as refused, due to cable capacities being inadequate.

Therefore we must adapt and rodders are good at that.

We will use 15A multi socket units wherever we can. That will increase the number of 15A units available and go some way toward a solution.

Many Caravaners and RVers already own and carry 10A to 15A adapters such as, for example, Amp-Fibian RCD units. Many will also have a 10A lead on board. These are often used at home to connect vehicle to 10A outlets when 15A is too far away.  

The most economical legal way to adapt is to use a 10A lead from the box to your caravan, use the “Amp-Fibian” in a weather proof location. From that run a short 15A lead to your RV input socket.

Better solution is to look at various weatherproof versions, recommended, are available from around $85 on Ebay. Amp-Fibian Mini is one example.

Electrical Safety

We have been advised that power leads will need to be tested and tagged and that this will actually be checked and enforced. Please do this so that we will have a smooth set up that is convenient to all of us.

Support Vehicles

Family car may be parked at campsite. Trucks, trailers and large vehicles to be parked in designated area.

Other Accommodation Options

Local Caravan Parks,

  • Goulburn South Caravan Park, (02) 4821 3233
  • Governors Hill Carapark, (02) 4821 7373.

There are many Motel / Hotel options if not camping. Check with Goulburn Tourism, 1800 353 646, or sites such as ‎or

The committee advises that some details, such as extra camping days, will need to be updated as we approach the event dates.

Camping Areas

There are 4 camping areas in the Showground.

AREA D. Site map ref, D and E.
Near gate 1, part bitumen but mostly grassed backing onto depression that will take grey water runoff. Suggest use of bucket to catch grey water.

AREA H. Site map ref, H.
Between gates 2 and 3, all grassed, fairly level use bucket to catch grey water and dispose of responsibly.

AREAS T, U and X. Site map ref, T, U, X.
Near gate 6 and close to the trader area. Much of area T is bitumen with access to power but suitable only for large self-contained vehicles. No pegging of awnings etc, no grey water runoff.

AREA J. Site map ref, JJ,
East side of track. All grassed with genset power and water at each site. These sites are closest to being a caravan site. Note that this area is on the opposite side of the racetrack to the other areas and function center.

On Your Entry Form

Campsite fee, one price of $120, includes 2 persons per site.

Kids under 12 free. Extra Campers are $30 per person (inc Adults, kids 12 and up, buddies)

Specify your type of accommodation, ie, Caravan, Motorhome, Tent; and length of vehicles. When specifying length of vehicle, please include the draw bar and extensions.

Limited sites with water at each site.

If you wish to camp as a club or with friends, (where possible), please contact the Camping Coordinator and they will attempt to accomodate you.

Club Tents

Club tents should be booked directly with the hire company. Self-erected tents on the cruise track are not permissable. Please contact Isaac at Barlens Fyshwick, ACT, Ph 0424 085 426, Also, you can look at other products on their website, such as, tables and chairs and do a package deal.

Terms and Conditions of Entry

Vehicle Eligibility

All entered vehicles entered must be ASRF Class Vehicles, as per the ASRF Street Rodder Handbook. This includes Street Rods, Customs and Street Classics  and derivates manufactured prior to 1966, as per their respective definitions.

Entrant Requirements:

Current ASRF Membership (as at the date of the event).
Current vehicle licence papers (as at the date of the event), including third party insurance. Licence papers may need to be presented at registration.
Current driver’s licence (as at the date of the event).
All vehicles to be roadworthy and of tidy appearance.
No open headers, no methanol, no storing of fuel.
No open flames within the showgrounds or camping areas.
No bikes or scooters.
No movement of vehicles during public show and shine events.

Note that all road laws apply within the Showgrounds. Log books are required to be filled in if applicable.

UPDATE JAN 15, 2020 – Due to many recent enquiries, responsibly managed pets are now permitted.

In the event of a cancellation, entry fee and camping fee refunds can be made when advised in writing 45 days before the event, or by the cut off quoted above, whichever is later.

General Warning and Exclusion Liability:

All entrants, their families and buddies must conduct themselves in a civil and well behaved manner. Unacceptable behaviour and/or unsafe driving will not be tolerated, offenders and their party will be ejected from the venue and their entry cancelled – NO REFUND WILL BE GIVEN.
Motorsport is dangerous and may result in injury or death, and damage to property. As an essential condition of entry, each entrant acknowledges that prior to entering the venue or driving events, he/she had made themselves aware of the danger as a participant and/or property owner and has accepted all associated risks.
The entrant himself/herself and as agent for an accompanying adults, buddies and/or child/ren, release and discharge absolutely the promoter (Australian Street Rod Federation Inc and associated committees), the event sponsor and the Goulburn Council and its employees, contractors and representatives, ASRF committee, ASRF Sub Committees and agents, from any liability arising from any circumstances whatsoever. All club helpers are covered under the above.

Advertising Release:

It is a condition of entry, each entrant grants the promoter (Australian Street Rod Federation and associated committees) the exclusive right to photograph, film or portray the entrant, their accompanying party/s and the entrant’s vehicle. The use of such photograph, film or portrayal with or without names or credits, is at the absolute discretion of the event promoter