The 30th anniversary of Speedweek in Australia is promising to be huge. Racing is happening from the 23rd to 27th of March 2020 at Lake Gairdner South Australia. If you want to be part of the event as a racer, spectator or volunteer you will be most welcome. 

“Entries are coming in steadily, one of the latest is a true hot rodder from the USA, Jim Lindsay,” said Norm Hardinge from Aussie Desert Cooler.

“Jim is the author of the book, ‘Little Bastards’. It’s based on his own experiences, watching the youth of the 50s and 60s, generally raising havoc. Jim is bringing his own Bonneville racer, a blown alcohol Ardun powered Lakester to race at Speedweek.”

If you want to race, spectate or volunteer to help with the running of Speedweek you can find out more at www.dlra.org.au