Head around 150km due north of Melbourne city and you’ll find the town of Nagambie, a small community bordering the Goulburn river. Despite being two hours’ drive from the ocean, the town is well known for its rowing events and water sports, held at Nagambie Lakes Regatta Centre. With bordering Nagambie Lakes Leisure Park providing a picturesque playground for campers, caravanners and cabin dwellers alike, it would seem like a good place for a rod run.

Enter the Melbourne chapter of the Cranksters, a hot rod and classic car club evolved from the Perth club of the same name. The Cranksters’ camaraderie is put on show on this busy September weekend each year with a three-day run, culminating in a massive car show on Sunday open to all comers. 

The obligatory registration and meet and greet on Friday night is a small but fun gathering, all entrants asked to sign the massive banner that will be auctioned off for a good cause. The day run on Saturday takes entrants the long way around Victorian back roads with a couple of fun stops along the way, this year ending up at the historic Railway Hotel at Murchison.

From there it’s back to accommodations in preparations for the Saturday night shindig, the ‘Gangsters and Moles’ theme making for some awesome costumes. Once Itchy Fingers got rolling with the tunes, the only major interruption is the rowdy night time auction, a big contributor to the fund raising during the weekend.

Chilly weather and the occasional heavy shower didn’t make for ideal rod run conditions, but everything came together for Sunday’s big show. Hot rod and classic car enthusiasts come from far and wide to partake in the display, catching up with friends and enjoying some R&R on the grassy banks of the Regatta centre. This year also celebrated 90 years since the Model A Ford began production.

All in all it’s a neat scene, wrapping up mid-afternoon with some prize giving and raffle draws. Tuff Lift chipped in big time again with a two-post hoist for one lucky dude, who turned out to be Con Peras from Shepparton. More than $6,000 was raised and distributed to worthy causes.

Traditionally the run is held in the third weekend of September and plans are already in place for Cranksters Cruise Nagambie 2019.