WA will be introducing a new registration scheme for street rods and classics from early next year. The attached media release from the office of the Minister for Transportoutlines the details of the scheme, which have been summarised here.

To be eligible, a vehicle owner must maintain their financial membership with a DoT approved motoring club while receiving the C4C (Concession for Classics) concession. If the vehicle is owned by a DoT approved motoring club or association, the DoT approved motoring club status must be maintained to receive the C4C concession.

A vehicle licensed under the C4C scheme:

  • can be used for a maximum of 90 days per year, being
    – 60 days to participate in motoring club sanctioned events; and
    – 30 days for personal use, testing, maintenance and repair.
  • cannot be used for fee, hire or reward; and
  • must display an approved plate or label stating ‘restricted use’, which is to be affixed to the top or bottom of the vehicle number plate(s) to identify that the vehicle has restricted road use.

WA’s permit scheme allows you to keep your plates and you get a sticker like an LPG to put on your plates to identify club permit. 

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