By all reports, the Tassie Nats team have everything locked in and are ready to welcome you to the 2022 Central Coast Nationals. Despite the rest of the world being distracted by the pandemic, the committee and helpers have been working quietly and steadily in the background to ensure a fuss free event.

The itinerary is locked in, so make sure you have air in your tyres for cruise day on Friday, and the drive to Symmons Plains Raceway on Saturday. One goal of the event is to showcase the region, so entrants are encouraged to break away and explore if the urge strikes! Just make sure you’re back by Sunday morning, when the huge show and shine gets going at Ulverstone Showgrounds. 


The coastal town of Ulverstone is best known for its long beaches, ideal for swimming and strolling, and an abundance of coastal paths and picnic spots. Bordering the River Leven as it flows into Bass Straight, there’s good fishing to be had, or quality seafood outlets in town for the unlucky anglers. Alternatively, kick back and enjoy a river or bay cruise. Only a 15-minute drive west of Devonport, and 90 minutes from Launceston, Ulverstone prides itself on being a playground for adventurers and leisure hunters.


If you’re wondering what the latest rules are for entry into Tasmania, at time of writing vaccinated travellers no longer need to be tested for COVID-19 or register their travel before entering Tasmania. Border measures will remain in place for the un-vaccinated however, who must register on Tas e-travel, provide a negative rapid antigen test 24 hours before traveling, or PCR test within 72 hours, and go through 5 days of quarantine with further testing. As everyone is aware by now, these requirements are fluid, so it would be best to recheck in late March to avoid a travel emergency!


We’re guessing that many entrants have already planned to stay longer, so if you’re around for the full week, don’t forget to catch up with the Early Ford Club of Tasmania as they celebrate their 50th anniversary. In 1972, this brotherhood of blue oval buffs was formed, and they’ll celebrate with a variety of cruises and gatherings over the easter weekend. Entry is just $50, email langbody@primusonline.com.au or call 0419 117 919 for details.