ASRF Street Rodders Handbook

The Street Rodders Handbook is the official publication of the Australian Street Rod Federation, the governing body which administers the sport of Street Rodding in Australia.The handbook aims to provide information which will enable all members to participate effectively in all facets of the sport.

The contents of the Street Rodder Handbook are to be used as a guide only, and cannot be used as reference to a point of law. For a detailed explanation, refer to the ASRF Director in your state, for NCC clarification.

You can view it online by selecting the link below, or download a PDF (approx 6MB) by selecting ‘Download’.

CHANGE LOG: Major changes, including significant amendments to text, will be represented as Year/Version#, ie, 2019.V1, 2019.V2 etc. If you are keeping a personal copy in your files, it’s recommended that you update your copy when updated versions are available.

2019.V3Reinstate Divisional Director voting protocol1/11/193/11/19Approved NCC phone conference 1/11/19
2019.V2Reinstate year cut off back to Pre 196617/9/1918/9/19Approved NCC ph Conf
2019.V1Show judging removed. Categories placed them in a prominent location. Wording now relevant to current terminologies and risk considerations and other minor changes. Marked up copy of changes available from HO 25/8/1928/8/19Approved NCC AGM 2019 conference
2019.V0Draft installed on website for commentJuly 19