Vince built his channelled 1932 Ford roadster in 1966. With its Ford Y block V8, it was one of the first hot rods in Western Australia to run an overhead valve engine.  It was also the first WA hot rod to be driven across the country to appear in the 1968 Brisbane Hot Rod Show.

In 1973, the authorities let it be known that hot rods would no longer be licenced in WA. Vince stepped up and over many months of negotiation with the government, a solution to licence hot rods was agreed to. He is a life member of WCSRC and a founding member of Early Wheels Street Rod Club. He was the first WA State Director of the ASRF and has served in other positions on the state executive. An active hot rodder for over 50 years, Vince’s role in WA hot rodding is immense. He is a true hot rodder.