Tim attended the first ASRF Nationals in Narrandera in 1973. Soon after, he became involved with the S.A. TAC in 1975 and was instrumental in building the state’s Street Rod Guidelines. 

In 1990, Tim moved to Queensland where he once again became involved with the fight for a legal Street Rod building guideline.  Over the intervening years, he has served as Chief Inspector on the Queensland TAC four times, and along with his consulting engineering business, has assisted many street rodders and other car builders in gaining compliance and registration for their modified vehicles.  

Tim’s first hot rod build was a 1934 Chev when he was 18 years old, as followed by a ’40 Ford sedan, a ’36 sedan, an Anglia and a ’28 Ford roadster. After building an elite level HQ Monaro with his son, he currently cruises a traditionally styled ’32 Ford 5W coupe.