Neil has been actively modifying cars since 1972. He registered his 1934 Chev Coupe in 1980 as a Modified Production Vehicle (MPV).  This was a good system but initially suffered from widely varied interpretation by authorities.  These interpretations would soon all but close off this rego path.

Neil joined the NSW Street Rod Committee (acts as TAC for NSW) as he knew that registration was key to the hobby’s future.  During his two stints on the Committee (1980-1986 and 2005-2009), Neil contributed, along with other members, to many achievements to preserve and improve the registration rules, documentation and administrative procedures.  The Committee became heavily involved in coordinating with other motoring interest groups, drafting submissions, and in direct negotiations with authorities. These negotiations were protracted, frustrating and tenuous at times.  Ultimately however, they were successful and many rods were registered over the years in NSW as a result.

The May 2014, Duncan Gay MLC announcement of the NSW adoption of the National Guidelines for the Design and Construction of Street Rods in Australia and the Transport for NSW Supplement marked the culmination of many years of persistent efforts by dedicated TAC and Divisional Council representatives.  Neil is proud to have been able to contribute to this achievement to secure the future of Street Rodding.

“It was a busy, but rewarding experience,” Neil said. 

Neil registered this 1932 Pickup in 2000. He is now retired from work, but is actively building two cars.