Greg Thomsen’s involvement in hot rodding didn’t begin as an admirer from the sidelines, but as a founding member of Rods Inc in Brisbane at the age of 14.

A series of hot rodding projects would follow over the next decade, and while many of them would go unfinished, the years of hands on experience and mateship would culminate in what he considers his first significant rod, a Model A bucket in 1973. While he failed to get the car to the first Street Rod Nationals in Narrandera that year, he did ride shotgun to the event with fellow club member, Tommy Fulton, in his ’56 Crown Victoria.

In the late 1970s, Greg would partner with his brother-in-law, Col Dunn, to form Superformance, Brisbane’s best known speed shop. While his focus shifted from hot rodding to drag racing, he would always maintain a connection to the rodding community, and ultimately it was a visit to Yamba Rod Run as a sponsor reignited his passion for hopped up early Fords. A Model A tourer would follow, along with a string of ‘32s, including the steel-bodied tudor that he still owns today.

Since selling the business in the mid 2000s, Greg has been very active in organising casual gatherings for hot rod and classic car enthusiasts, hosting his first coffee run at Victoria Point in 2012. He also organises regular mid-week lunch runs and an annual week-long regional tour, all with the goal of supercharging the social scene. Further inspired by his fondness for 1932 Fords, he’s also partnered with friends to form an Australian arm of Deuces Limited.

We’re inspired by Greg’s lifelong support of the hobby as a both an enthusiast and a businessman, along with his ongoing efforts to unify and inspire hot rodders of all ages, and congratulate him on his ASRF Legends award.