The Romans Hot Rod Association formally recognised Adrian Buckley and his contribution to hot rodding when they made him an honorary life member in 2018. 

“Adrian first joined the Romans in the early 1970s as a motor trade apprentice. He played his part in various roles, including Club President for several years. Adrian was also been awarded Member of the Year several times,” explained John Dickie of the Romans HRA. “With his huge experience as a hot rod builder and advocate for safety in rodding, Adrian has contributed strongly to negotiations with NSW Government departments such as RMS and previous versions with motoring responsibilities. Adrian has also been supportive and played leading roles with NSW ASRF and specifically the Street Rod Committee.”

His daughter, Karen continues;

“Dad was also a founding member of the Highland Cruisers Hot Rod club and was an active member until his passing in 2018.  Dad was also NSW State Director, he served two stints as he put it with NSW Street Rod Committee and one of his last roles with them was as Chairman. He was also involved with Hot Rod shows in Sydney and was regularly scene at many events and car shows. He loved his mornos on fridays with the Highland Cruisers.”

“Dad had a long career successful career with Holden from 1970 until his retirement in 2000 and played instrumental role in shaping Holden to be the best it could be at the time. He was a Vietnam Vet who proudly served his country when conscription called his name in 1968 after he finished his motor mechanics apprenticeship at Stacks.”

“Adrian left a huge legacy behind and he instilled in both his children myself and my late brother Shawn a love and passion for cars.  I have in turn with dads love n support and encouragement converted my two children into car nuts with a love for the sport and cars. Dad’s only grandson, Jayden is a qualified motor mechanic and regularly attends cars shows with myself, his mates and his sister, Maddison. 3 generations of car fanatics!”