On June 22, the ASRF Victorian DC hosted an open forum to gain feedback on the present judging system and all other aspects of the ASRF. State secretary, Joanne Fregon, compiled this review on the day and its outcome. You’ll also find below some written correspondence received before and after the event.

We had some great participation on the day with over 40 people in attendance. Whilst, with any new event, things got off topic, heated at times and bogged down in minor issues I am pleased to say that we have had some major points brought up that will result in further discussion:

  • Each division of the ASRF should have voting rights that align with the number of their members ie. 300 members = 3 votes, 400 members = 4 votes (or a percentage thereof). This will ensure that the Federation, as a whole of Australia group, accurately represents the largest number of members possible.
  • The cut off year of vehicles should be amended – various thoughts on this but popular ideas included pre 1978, rolling 25 years and all modified vehicles (in line with US descriptors). This has already been passed last century at an NCC meeting and was not acted upon due to the lack of new
  • Whilst a large proportion of the day was spent on judging criteria it was acknowledged that this only affects a small number of ASRF members. As such it was felt that the Show promotors should be responsible for informing the ASRF of the classes they will be hosting at their events. The ASRF will then provide judges based on these classes as requested. Show promoters that use ASRF judges should also actively assist the ASRF in updating their current classes and judging sheets in order to reflect the current build types and methods.
  • The ASRF should be more active in promoting themselves within the sport – including information sessions hosted at the clubrooms, attending non ASRF events and publicising the TAC and build assistance available. An active Facebook page for Victoria should be created, focusing on Victorian events and issues. This can be extended to other forms of social media and possible updating of current branding to reflect all members.
  • Younger members need to be encouraged. This point requires ongoing discussion and the ASRF Victoria welcomes input from individuals and groups such as Next Gen Rodders. The ASRF will look at hosting another forum for all those under the age of 35 by the end of the year.

Thanks again to all participants. For those unable to attend we are looking at hosting these on a regular basis, covering one issue each meeting. If you are interested in attending any of these or have specific information to offer feel free to contact the ASRF at