Over the past nine months, the ASRF has been working on some major restructuring within the business.

These include overhauling the ASRF from an association structure to a company limited guarantee, this has also meant that the constitution had to reflect these requirements. It’s been a long process with some great input from legal professionals to ensure that all due diligence was taken.

The ASRF has also been working on changes in administration designed to take the business to the next chapter. Hence, we would like to introduce and welcome Joanne Fregon to the office in the capacity of Operations Manager. Joanne would be well known to many east coast rodders as her father, Roy Fregon, was a prominent rodder for many years. Joanne’s involvement in the hobby began as early as age 9 and she has several hot rods and classics of her own. We welcome her as a fresh face with a considerable business background, plus a wonderful personality. Members will welcome her approach and abilities to answer questions and deliver outcomes. Joanne will be seen at major shows and no doubt at her local events, in most case in an official capacity. 

The ASRF will work closely with Joanne to ensure the transition is smooth into her new position. We have made changes to the phone system and the phones are now manned by three people in remote locations and your calls will be answered or redirected to the correct person for answering. There are other changes to improve the efficiency and ensure that you, as members, receive a better service.

The ASRF would like to thank our previous office staff; Nicky, Sharon and Kaitlin for the work their service, their time has been greatly appreciated by the Directors and members.