After ongoing negotiations, the ASRF 25th Nationals Committee has decided to relocate this historic event to Hawkesbury, away from Albury on the NSW/VIC border.

“As time and Covid went on it was realised that the venue at Albury Race Club was not a viable option due to size constraints and the infrastructure required,” said committee chairman, Graham Bevan. “With no Nationals in 2021 and so many events cancelled, we feel the demand to attend this event is going to be very high and the venue was just not big enough, with question marks as to whether camping could even be hosted on site. We commenced negotiations with Albury City Council to move the venue within the Albury Shire to a bigger more accessible site, but after many months of negotiations, an agreement in relation to this could not be reached.”

The NCC (National Control Council) have been kept informed of progress throughout the negotiation process and it has been decided to move the location of the ASRF Nationals 2023 to Hawkesbury Showground – Clarendon NSW. The venue at Clarendon is fully fenced, offers 400 powered camp-sites, curbed and guttered roadways throughout for a cruise track, and full use of the entire 100 acre site including buildings and sheds, including a new 90mtr x 30mtr shed currently under construction.

“This move has given clarity to the planning process and we look forward to putting on the absolute best event we possibly can, as we now have the venue that accommodates all of our needs. We look forward to seeing everyone over the Easter Weekend 2023 at the ASRF Nationals – Hawkesbury,” said Graham.

Entries are expected to re-open in April 2022 corresponding with the launch of the ASRF Central Coast Nationals at Ulverstone, Tasmania.