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1936FordCoupeAxelsen The AUSTRALIAN STREET ROD FEDERATION INC. Is a non-profit voluntary organisation and has pledged itself to the promotion and development of the Hot Rodding sport on a national basis.

The Federation is governed by a formally accepted Constitution and is incorporated in South Australia as an Association.

THE AUSTRALIAN STREET ROD FEDERATION INC. is officially recognised as the governing body of all facets of street rodding in Australia. Its primary objective is to increase the number of street rods and customs in Australia by assisting members to build, register and insure their vehicles. To achieve this the Federation is committed to promoting and developing street rodding as a major national sporting activity.

Members can rely on the Federation to assist and encourage them in their activities which are designed to foster and create goodwill between members, the general public and relevant State Transport Authorities.

The Federation will provide members with the controls to ensure they receive positive exposure and fair and honest promotion of their sport and will encourage and assist any organiser who is prepared to actively increase the knowledge and acceptance of street rodding by the public.

The National Control Council and the National Secretary, along with the relevant State Councils and their members, are working hard to meet the responsibilities of government legislation and regulations thus ensuring that our street rods and customs will become accepted and admired vehicles, meeting all relevant safety requirements, and bringing together all rodding enthusiasts throughout Australia.

Members of the Federation have been actively involved in obtaining legal registration for street rods and currently each State has a working agreement with their respective Transport Authority. The Federation considers national registration as an opportunity to take the best from each State and create a registration procedure that will satisfy the needs of members and government.

Join us as we progress into the future with enthusiasm and confidence. Help us to promote goodwill and friendship and the benefits of participating in one of Australia’s most enjoyable automotive sports.

Contact Us:

1934 Chev Roadster1934 Chev Roadster

National Office
Unit 7
27-29 Dover Drive, Burleigh QLD 4220
Ph: 07 5576 2100
Fax : 07 5576 2344

Postal Address
Australian Street Rod Federation Inc.
PO Box 2569 Burleigh BC QLD 4220

Administration and Membership
ASRF Head Office is contactable between 8am and 4pm (GMT +10) weekdays, or you can leave a message if the office is unattended and they will get back to you. Head Office staff can also be contacted on email on our contact form by clicking “here” or Click here for more details

National Control Council
Directors and other members of the National Control Council are listed here.

Construction and Registration
Members of the Technical Advisory Committee are listed here.

Additional ASRF Information Including “Sanctioned Events”
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